Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've missed you O' Blog of Mine!

Happy Sunday All!

I hope that everyone has had an amazing week...or few weeks! I have not been on in quite some time as I have been struggling. :( I have also been helping my mom settle into her new home and honestly, just haven't had much time to sit down and write.

Today, as I weighed in, I realized that I have fallen short on updating my blog on my failures and successes. Last week's weigh in...FAIL! I was up a pound and feeling awful about it! I went through the week beating myself up at every turn and justifying every "bad" bite that I took, which weren't that many, thankfully. Of course, I knew that this morning was once again weigh in day and let me tell you, I was nervous! Well, this week's weigh in...SUCCESS! I am down 4.6 pounds from last week and I am very proud of myself!

Now, if I could just get that workout back into my daily habits. :) I feel so much more motivated starting this new week and I am sure that as long as I am kind to myself, I will get back on the right track! As of today, I am down 38.9 pounds and that is in just a little over 4 months. I LOVE BFC!!!

Have a wonderful week everyone and BE KIND TO YOURSELVES!!!

Shawna <3

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Must share this recipe...DELICIOUS!!!

Mmmm...Sugar Free Margaritas (w/ 1.5 Tbsp Xylosweet instead of Artificial Sweetener) = 14.5g Carb / 0 Sugar and Soooooo Good.. 0/1 on BFC

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Quick Weigh-In Day Update!

Happy Sunday!

It's here again, THE DREADED WEIGH-IN DAY...

Down 1.7 lbs!!! Woo hoo!!!

Total of 32.8 lbs outta here!

Thanks to you all for the continued support, kind words and wisdom.

Have a wonderful week!