Monday, March 12, 2012

Dinner Tonight

Let me preface this by saying...YUMMO! 

My awesome husband came up with Bagel Thin Pizzas!

The ingredient list is:
Thomas Bagel Thins (Plain White) 24g carbs and 3g sugar for a whole thin (2 pizzas)! 3/2
Mozzarella cheese 0/0 
Three cheese Pomodoro sauce from Trader Joe's (1/2 cup 6g carb 1g sugar) only used about 4 tbsp on all 4 pizzas so, 0/0 here. 
Boars Head pepperoni, or whatever kind you like. 0/0
Whatever veggies you like (I used green pepper and mushrooms, hubby had jalapenos) maybe, 1/0 (I'm guessing here) :-)
Bake in oven on 425 for approx 12 minutes.

Our final tally, 4/2

Of course a nice glass of red wine accompanied it very nicely.

Enjoy, we did! 


  1. that looks real good Shawna, you know I LOVE pizza :-)

  2. We do make your own pizzas here a LOT! It is just so normal, you know? Anyway, looks great!